Putting Veterans First

Veterans MarchThe Investigative watchdog of the VA. Serving Those Who Served

Putting Veterans FirstThe investigative watchdog of the VA.

Veterans March Mission Statement

Veterans March is a independent Investigative watchdog of the VA. Volunteers from all walks of life including attorneys, health care administrators, doctors, nurses, law enforcement, investigators form teams to use investigative techniques that include in-house investigations and the disseminating of inside ``whistle-blowers`` information.
The mission is to bring awareness of abuse, neglect, medical malpractice, and corruption within The Department of Veteran's Affairs; to affect change through dialogue, legislation, and for public dissemination.

We invite all to share their stories in our group.

In addition, Veterans March has several components;

USVetsPAC.com; Veterans endorsement of political candidates who include veterans and their families in their governmental philosophy and pontifical platform.  US Vets PAC also provides website hosting and design for selected candidates with no charge to the candidate.  The Veterans Endorsement is a covenanted endorsement by candidates across the United States.

Veterans March evaluates political leaders for accountability through vpce.org

Veterans March also seeks public awareness through VeteransWalkinSolidarity.com, VetsWS.com and WalkingVeteran.com

Veterans March, Veteranhost.com, provides webhosting for veterans and the general public with proceeds going to RGIY.org (a Arkansas based non-profit 501 C3)

Veterans March, VeteranHost.net, offers veterans the opportunity for self-employment with their own internet business.

Veterans March sponsors veteran resource help with Facebook.com/groups/Help-aVet

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