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"A Veteran should never have to investigate those that should serve the Veterans".

Veterans March was founded in 2015 with a Facebook page as the catalyst for investigating and reporting the abuses within the VA.

Thomas Hudson, Founder of Veterans March

Thomas Hudson
Founder, Veterans March

The founder, Thomas Wayne Hudson, is a veteran who has been the victim of such abuses. Because of the tactics of the VA to ignore and vilify veterans who attempt to report abuse, he utilized his education, training, and work experience to investigate and to bring awareness to the VA abuse. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Little did they know that Hudson’s education and professional experience had included law, criminal justice, health administration, finance, business administration, business owner, health care, mortuary science, politician, computer science, transportation logistics,and educator In other words: “They messed with the wrong veteran”

Today, Veterans March has become a Facebook group with membership in the thousands.

Join Veterans March on FacebookMembers include doctors, nurses, journalist, government officials, actors, actress, attorneys, authors, TV personalities, news anchor, politicians, hospital administrators, VA employess, and a lot of caring friends who want to make a difference.


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Veterans Political & Congressional Evaluation

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