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Nurses Rock
15 Oct

VA Nurses Rock

When a person can make the slightest change and have it make such a big difference for someone else it is worth the effort for veterans to let them know.

We all love to seeing nurses wanting to make a difference and taking a stand for a veteran.

Their role is critical in patient care. As they call it, they are at the front lines. They get to hold the hands of the fragile and uplift those who feel down, and to give the gift of hope every time they work and even when that are off the clock.

Nurses Are AwesomeA special nurse, Shayla Young Bratcher, from the Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center in Muskogee, Oklahoma went way beyond the call of duty with what she did to make difference in the life of a veteran with cancer on October 13, 2018.

After having someone at the VA releasing confidential (HIPAA) information and another evil person publishing the information online and inciting physical harm: having a home health provider rip off the veteran’s money and furniture, and then the VA neglecting the veteran, a VA nurse became the veteran’s Angel and light of hope.

The nurse saw that the veteran who is known for helping so many others was in immediated danger of being on the streets in bad weather, no money, no food, no clean clothes, and in danger of physical harm from many threats due to false information dissemenated online.  The nurse surprisingly make arraignments for the veteran to stay in a motel for a week.  The veteran is The Walking Veteran, Thomas Hudson, Founder of

VA Nurses aren’t angels, but they may be the closest thing we have in the workplace.

While doctors diagnose illnesses and prescribe medication, surgery or other treatment, it’s often nurses who explain medical procedures, help manage symptoms, respond to emergencies, listen to family concerns, allay patient fears, soothe worries and find ways to make difficult situations bearable.

A nurse’s mission is not only to save lives, but to promote and preserve quality of life.

“Every great nurse I know has the following characteristics: caring nature, detail-oriented, emotionally stable, great judgment, physical endurance and extraordinary communication skills.

“Great nurses are born, not made. They have an innate gift of unconditional compassion and a relentless determination to alleviate suffering.

“Providing strength in a veteran’s’s time of weakness and going beyond the call of duty to bring a smile to their face — that is the role of a great nurse.

We all should give much gratitude and appreciation to our special nurses.  Take time to write comments on a Daisy card at your local VA.

VA Daisy Award



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